My Herbs 2

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My Herbs Magazine 2 - Contents:

10 Treatment Without Antibiotics

Practical guidance on how to kill harmful bacteria while avoiding chemical drugs, and how to become conversant with the natural ones.

14 Cordyceps Sinensis

This mushroom is known in the West as a medicinal mushroom, and its use has a long history in both traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Tibetan medicine. It is one of the strongest natural drugs for combating immune deficiencies.

16 Soup Herbs

Preserve herbs that keep you warm, heal aliments, and offer seasoning with your winter dishes.

HERBS20 Aromatherapy for Children

If you are worried that at the beginning of the school year your kids will immediately have to miss school or kindergarten, read this article.But worry not. There are many tips and tricks to try that will help keep your kids happy, healthy and ready to learn. Sample some of these recipes to help tackle problems that very young, and even older children or adults suffer from.

28 Expert’s Advice

Your questions are answered by My Herbs psychosomatic therapist.


30 Herbs Against Pain

Discover what the best natural, herbal treatments are for pain.

32 My Herbs Photo Series

Step-by-step instructions on how to make herbal syrups.

36 Nettle

The unmistakable medicinal plant with a wide range of applications.

38 Cannabis

Another installment in the series prepared for you by Lukas Hurt. This time he will focus on harvesting, processing and drying – in other words activities typically done in the fall.

42 Manufacturing

Herbal Cosmetics – Daisy

The vernacular name ‘daisy,’ widely applied to members of the Asteraceae family, is derived from its Old English name, meaning ‘day’s eye’. This is because the petals of Bellis perennis and other plants of the Asteraceae family open at dawn and close at dusk. Daisies are obviously lovely to look at in our lawns and meadows for seven months of the year – or even longer – but their beautiful white flowers are also tasty, healing, and serve as a source of homemade cosmetic preparations. Learn how to preserve the daisy to be able to use it all year through.

44 My Herbs Calendar

In fall, the spleen and pancreas are the organs most susceptible to problems; therefore, you should give them maximum care at this time of the year.

46 Herbs by the Points of the Compass

Whether you grow plants in an apartment or in the garden at your house, we will give you good advice on where individual species grow optimal and where to place them for best results will help them flourish.

50 Oyster Mushroom

This strong immunomodulator may be a helpful food supplement for the fall season as well as a preventive remedy to ward off many illnesses.

54 The Mysteries Inside Herbs

In the first chapter of this new series you will learn about glycosides and which plants contain them.

56 Natural Sources of Minerals

Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that protects us from many health problems.

58 Amaranth

Amaranth, also known as pigweed Anyway, this plant’s grains have a very positive effect on our health and which should certainly become part of our diet.

60 Cancer Treatment

Another part of the regular series, this time focused on a supportive treatment program.

64 Healthy Dinner

Eight low-calorie, nutritious dinner recipes that will satisfy the tastes of both kids and adults alike.

72 Vegan Diet

Lukas Hurt has interviewed the co-author of an unusual cookbook called, ‘A Banana Instead of an Egg’ and chatted with her not only about the precepts of veganism, but also vegan lifestyle and the quality of food ingredients. Includes mouthwatering vegan recipes.

78 Focus on Women

Suitable exercise is important during pregnancy and after childbirth.

80 Focus on Men

Keeping your gut healthy.

82 Crohn’s Disease

An ever-increasing number of patients suffer from chronic intestinal inflammation. How to fight this disease, and what role do diet and lifestyle play in the battle? Unlock the secrets of an herb that can be a supportive remedy.

88 Egyptian Horoscope

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My Herbs 2

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